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Friday, July 8, 2011


  " It's never too late to start planning your outfits for the upcoming   season so imagine if you could incorporate some of our summer clothes with your fall wardrobe.  Follow these trends, save money and look fabulous this Fall 2011"

                                                               PRINTED PANTS:
               This look is very easy to diversify by adding layers, solid                  colors and more print .

                     1. You could pair the printed pants with a solid color top   
                  adding an accent color to it .

          2. Layers,Layers,Layers and more layers with this look. You could add a cardigan over your top and  you could even throw a jacket of any kind Denim,leather or a blazer.


                                                          3. Print Over Print:

      We could add more print by using a print blazer, a print, stripe cardigans or hoodie but make sure to balance it out by
      having a solid top if its going to show. 

                                                            Maxi dresses

     Maxi dresses make the summer for a lot of women with it's elegance and  thinner silhouettes  and now we could incorporate them to our fall Wardrobe. This fall being creative will help you revamp your outfits.  All we have to do is dress it up with jackets, blazers,scarfs and belts.